Halloween 2018 – What do we know?

Halloween (2018) – What do we know?

Credit: Universal Pictures

So another installment is coming folks and after Rob Zombies debacle that was Halloween 2 (2009), fans could be forgiven for not getting too excited about another entry in the never ending franchise.  With the trailer rumored to be released any day now, lets have a look at what we know thus for shall we?

When will it be released?

Scheduled to be released on 19/10/2018, sticking with the theme of previous installments being released just in time for Halloween.

Who’s directing?

David Gordon Green will be directing, best known for directing comedies such as Pineapple Express and Your Highness.

A strange choice to say the least but even stranger is that the movie is written by fellow funny man Danny McBride.

Sequel, prequel or reboot?

Writer Danny McBride confirmed that this installment will be a direct sequel to the original, Halloween (1978)

Who’s in it?

A bunch of Z listers although the great Jamie Lee Curtis will be returning to play the tormented Laurie Strode!

Nick Castle will also be returning to play the shape for a second time after the original.

Anything else?

  • To be released by Universal Pictures who bought the rights back from Dimensional Films. This will be the 3rd Halloween movie to be released by Universal after Halloween 2-3.
  • John Carpenter said this will be the last Halloween film.
  • Danielle Harris expressed interest in returning however producers declined.

Watch the trailer below –


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