Will Clownhouse (1989) ever see a blu ray release?

Clownhouse is 1989 slasher movie directed by Victor Salva (Jeepers Creepers) and released by MGM. The story centers on three escaped maniacs dressed as clowns who terrorize three young brothers who are home alone.

A hidden gem among slashers of the 80’s, Clownhouse was a sleeper hit when released on 01/06/1989 and received some favorable reviews from critics and was even nominated for the Grand Jury Prize at the 1989 Sundance Film Festival.

Its popularity was short lived however when it was revealed that director Salva had molested 14 year old star Nathan Forest Winters during production. Salva was convicted and served 15 months of a three year prison term and Clownhouse quickly fell into obscurity. It was however released on VHS and laser disc in 1990 –

On official US Region 1 DVD was then released in 2003 by MGM but was quickly pulled from retailers due to protests surrounding the movies controversy making the DVD now extremely rare and highly sought after by slasher fans.


With companies such as Arrow Video and 88 Films constantly releasing Blu Rays of slasher favorites such as Madman, Tourist Trap and other controversial titles from the 80’s such as Silent Night, Deadly Night, it is a wonder as to why Clownhouse hasn’t gotten the same treatment. After nearly 30 years since its release will the sameĀ  protests ensue if a new special edition blu ray were to be announced? Who knows, but its becoming increasingly clear that no company is willing to take that risk.





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